Labradoodles, Our New family Addition


labradoodle, stowe


labradoodle, gadget

Labradoodles, Our New Family Addition……So, we just had a new addition to our family.  We adopted two Labradoodle puppies, a female (Stowe), and her brother (Gadget).  The Labradoodles are almost five months old and so far, so good.  Only a couple accidents in the house and they are a handful.

2 thoughts on “Labradoodles, Our New family Addition

  1. Tom Cockerham

    We have a new addition also. We have two YorkyPoo male dogs. One we have had for several years(Beau) and the other we just adopted named Joey. He was abused and is dumber than a rock but he sure is cute! Have fun with your new ones, Beau is my best friend after my wife.

    1. The "Bizz" Post author

      hey Tom, That’s great news. We just took ours to get their first haircut. They look soooo skinny now.


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