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Restaurant Reviews

In this category, Restaurant Reviews, I am going to talk about the different restaurants that I have visited. This review is my opinion about the experience I had.  I will include the name of the establishment, city/town and the state.  I
invite you to leave your comment about your experience to the restaurant the I reviewed.  I also invite you to leave you own review to a restaurant that you visited.  Just fill out the form on the home page and submit the form. I ask that you be truthful and fair, state the name, city/town and state.

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Little Harry’s

Little Harry’s Restaurant is located on West Street in downtown Rutland.  Many times I did an online search for the local restaurants and have always bypassed Little Harry’s.  But, this time something hit me about the menu and decided to make reservations. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted and was seated at our table.  I usually don’t like the two seater tables, but it was window table so it didn’t feel cramped.

The server came over and asked if we would like any drinks.  We looked over the menu which also had dinner specials.  

They gave us fresh bread and a salad.  Little Harry’s have many different salad dressings so be sure to ask.  The salad was very fresh looking. 

I had a Chicken Flauta.  I’ve never had one before and was pleasantly satisfied.  It came with a very different salsa and sour cream. We also had Baked Manicotti which was full of cheese and each portion was just right.

Overall, the Little Harry’s experience was quite enjoyable. The only issue was one of our forks had leftover dried food on the handle. The server apologized and quickly replaced it.

Ramunto’s Pizza, Rutland Vermont

Ramunto’s Pizza, Rutland VT, 2016.  We have had pizza from Ramunto’s on many different times, either by pickup or delivery.  This is a very busy restaurant so, plan ahead if you’re looking to have it delivered.

We usually get the round pie, although we also had the meatball subs.  Both were very good.  The pizza always has a good firm crust and plenty of cheese.  At times, some of the pies are close to being a blondy.  This is probably because they were busy and had to push out the pies.

Every time we’ve ordered take out the staff has always been very friendly.

Wobbly Barn, Killington Vermont Restaurant Review

Wobbly Barn, Killington, VT. restaurant review, December 26, 2016. This is the fourth time we visited the Wobbly Barn and on this date it was the worst. Two of the four times were excellent and the third was above average.
We went there with a party of seven.  To our surprise the restaurant was not crowded. Usually, the wait is over an hour, but this night it was about 25 minutes.
Every single meal had problems.  The baked potatoes were hard, the ribs had a bad taste, the pasta wasn’t good I usually get the chicken, which was good except for the finger potatoes and the grilled carrots. They had a bad taste and shriveled up. My opinion is they had been sitting around too long.

They worst part was the salad bar. You were picking from the bottom of everything. Nobody was freshening up the vegetables. Even the salad dressing was not in the proper containers.
As usual, the servers were good. Continue reading