Why Do You Want To Cancel Culture

Now-a-days, there are some groups who want to cancel culture or anything they don’t like. Why do they want to do away with the past of this great Country. Maybe because they have their feelings hurt. Is it because they just don’t like you. Maybe they are racist. Maybe it is because they want dominance in their lives. I don’t know the answer, but canceling culture is bad for both you and me. What offends you, might not offend me and what might offend me, might not offend you. This is life. Don’t try to cancel or silence others because you might not like it.

History, for good or for bad, is suppose to teach us something. We learn from the past. So, what happens when you cancel culture? You don’t have to accept everything in life or what it stands for. It doesn’t mean it was right or wrong. Remember, during different times in our lives were that was their culture, their way of life. This is how we evolved as a Country. We learn from the past and then made corrections as needed. For all the good and bad that came from the past, this is why you have the opportunity to speak out against things you do not like. Change is good, but don’t take away the past because your got your feelings hurt. Learn from it. Having a closed mind is not good. Keep it open.

What happens when you do away with history and there’s nothing left from our past? Who are you going to blame for things you don’t like? The only one to blame will be you.

Change is good, but not the way they are going about it. Do not cancel culture, improve on it. Learn from the mistakes of others. www.thebizzway.com

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