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Is The Race Card Being Used Too Loosely

In today’s world, is the race card being used too loosely. It seems as though if someone disagrees with a comment someone makes without even knowing who said it, only later to find out the comment or view was made by a black or Latino, you are now called a racist. Is our society losing their thick skin.

What happened to an honest disagreement? This Country was founded with honest, spirited debates. Just because you disagree with someone it doesn’t mean you can’t shake hands and remain friends.

Are we becoming too intense of a society. You are either with me or against me. You either agree and conform or you are an outcast. Pick a side, you or me. Tearing apart our society makes no sense. We are so polarized. We will not survive if you keep throwing around the race card.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, racism is “a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”

If I understand the definition, racism is about a superiority of a particular race. It mentions nothing about a persons comments or views. Is the race card being used too loosely.

The Chip Was To Prevent Credit Card Theft

Remember a few years back when ex President Obama announced the security enhancement by having chips inserted in your credit card. That was supposed to be the chip that prevents credit card theft. The chip had coded and encrypted information it it. Well, it’s obvious that chip did nothing to prevent theft on your credit card. In fact, credit card theft is probably out of control. One year, I’ve had to replace my credit card three time because of theft. I get a call from my credit card company that someone in Japan purchased two vehicles. Another time the call was for purchases from Prada in Italy.

While not Obama’s fault, it was just another dumb idea from the government. now-a-days, It is so much easier to make purchases with your credit card. You make a purchase either online or in person and the card go right through. It use to be the cashier would at least pretend to see some identification. They didn’t even notice you didn’t sign the back of your card. No questions asked anymore. Of course, you end up arguing with the credit card company to verify it wasn’t you who made the purchase.

Here’s a novel idea.

You know when you do something like make an appointment or connect with an agency online, and immediately you get a text message to verify it’s you. What is in that text…a personal code. It takes no time to receive the code. You plug in that six or eight digit number and you are connected instantly. Why don’t the credit card people send a code to your personal mobile number on record and instantly you get an approval. After all, everyone has a mobile phone.

Maybe the chip wasn’t such a good idea to prevent theft. Maybe the personal code sent to your text is a better answer to prevent theft.

Why Do You Want To Cancel Culture

Now-a-days, there are some groups who want to cancel culture or anything they don’t like. Why do they want to do away with the past of this great Country. Maybe because they have their feelings hurt. Is it because they just don’t like you. Maybe they are racist. Maybe it is because they want dominance in their lives. I don’t know the answer, but canceling culture is bad for both you and me. What offends you, might not offend me and what might offend me, might not offend you. This is life. Don’t try to cancel or silence others because you might not like it.

History, for good or for bad, is suppose to teach us something. We learn from the past. So, what happens when you cancel culture? You don’t have to accept everything in life or what it stands for. It doesn’t mean it was right or wrong. Remember, during different times in our lives were that was their culture, their way of life. This is how we evolved as a Country. We learn from the past and then made corrections as needed. For all the good and bad that came from the past, this is why you have the opportunity to speak out against things you do not like. Change is good, but don’t take away the past because your got your feelings hurt. Learn from it. Having a closed mind is not good. Keep it open.

What happens when you do away with history and there’s nothing left from our past? Who are you going to blame for things you don’t like? The only one to blame will be you.

Change is good, but not the way they are going about it. Do not cancel culture, improve on it. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Florida General Contractor and Plumbing Contractor Qualifier

Florida General Contractor or Plumbing Contractor Qualifier

Florida General Contractor or Plumbing Contractor for your new or existing company. Must be experienced. Send me your qualifications, detailed info and complete contact info including phone number.

Must be able to be approved as a Financially Responsible Officer with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

Please, only serious responses.

Memorial Day, Remember the Day

Arlington National by

Memorial Day, Remember the Day…Arlington National Cemetery…photo by

Memorial Day, Remember the Day…..When I was growing up, I always remember Memorial Day as the unofficial start of the summer.  It was a day where most family’s would go to the beach or have a cookout.  It seemed as if it was a day for celebration.  Summer was finally here.

As I watch the news channels the on air personalities usually talk about the day for honoring all our men and women in the Armed Forces, but there are days in place like Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day to honor them.

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who gave their life for their Country.

So while you are celebrating Memorial Day just take a minute to remember the day.


Deerfield Beach High School Math Book

Deerfield Beach High School Math Book

Deerfield Beach High School Math Books

Deerfield Beach High School Math Books

Deerfield Beach High School Math Books

Deerfield Beach High School Math Book…..Check out the condition of Deerfield Beach High School math book.  Once again, DBHS has become a disgrace to the community for the pre calculus math book that was issued to my daughter on her first day at school.

I had to go on Amazon to purchase her a used book just so she can use it properly.  The book cost me $2.06 for a used book that was classified as “very good” condition.

Perhaps Deerfield Beach High School can do the same and purchase the books for discounted prices.  If there are 25 kids in a class, certainly the Broward Schools can afford $51.50.  They can’t be in any worse condition than what was given to her.

Guess Who Made The Varsity Team?

imagesCAKPZTU6It was announced today at the booster club pasta dinner that my daughter made the Deerfield Beach Girls Varsity Fast Pitch Softball Team as a freshman.  Although she will also play on the JV team, she will suit up with the varsity.  She will be pitching for the JV and gain valuable experience watching the varsity, but she has to be ready in case they need her.  She also plays the outfield and second base.

The Boy Scouts Made In China?

Made in China

The Boy Scouts Made in China

The Boy Scouts Made In China? ….So, my son has been in the Boy Scouts for a couple years. That’s right, the Boy Scouts of America. My son enjoys being in the Scouts. It gets him out of the house, he enjoys the camping, hiking and the events that the Scouts do. It also gets him involved in the community. All in all the Scouts have been good for him.

Last week, my wife was sewing on a patch that he has earned from a recent hike. She came to me and told me to look at the patch. Where was the patch made? Made in China!

Now, you would think that the Boy Scouts of America would be an “All-American” program promoting American values, American traditions and most importantly, “Buy American”.

So, for all that the Boy Scouts of America promote, and all the good that they do, why would they need to purchase their patches from China? Isn’t there any company in America willing to make the patches for the Boy Scouts of America?  Are The Boy Scouts Made In China?



My Daughter Made The Team

imagesCAKPZTU6Today, my daughter Amy made the Deerfield Beach High School girls fast pitch softball team as a freshman.  I’m so proud of her.  She just started playing softball for the first time this year.  Although she will start on the JV team, I saw the competition and I think she’ll get picked up for Varsity when they expand their roster mid-season.

Some Kids Still Remember

American FlagVideo American Flag   While riding home from an errand with my soon-to-be thirteen year old son, he looked upwards and in the breeze was waving an extra-large American flag.  I was somewhat surprised and proud when he said “what a beautiful sight”.  I pulled over and took a photo of our American flag that was flying on a flagpole on the property of a new restaurant that just opened.  It was flying tall and proud.

If you drive just about anywhere in South Florida you do see businesses flying the American flag, but you now see flags from other countries and mostly from Latin and South America.  I don’t have a problem with people or businesses flying their native country flag and I’m not saying every business does this, but the flags are flown at the same height or even higher than the American flag.    Maybe there are just too many different kinds of flags flying for kids now-a-days to really respect and understand what our American flag stands for.  How about when you fly the American flag, have it stand out to fly proudly on its own, so kids can understand and be proud for what it stands for?

My Son’s Stolen Bicycle

ThiefMy Son’s Stolen Bicycle.  About 4:50 pm my son came in the house from riding his bicycle.  He parked his bike on our front porch.  Now we live in a nice neighborhood with very little trouble.  At 4:55 he went back outside and noticed his bike was missing. 

It was drizzling out and we notice wet footprints on the walk near his bike.  I checked his shoes and they did not match.  I quickly got my car keys hoping to find the one who stole his bike.  No such luck.

I told my son even if we called the sheriff’s they’re probably not going to do anything anyway.  When we returned I called the Broward Sheriff Office non-emergency line.   After pressing all the numbers to which department we wanted and about 20 rings, they finally answered.  They asked if this was an emergency.  I answered no.  About ten minutes later, they finally answered.

I explained what happened and to send a deputy over.  They asked my name and address.  I had to repeat the address numerous times only for him to say he couldn’t find that address.  I repeated it again and he finally found it.  He’ll put in in dispatch and have a deputy come by.

Finally, the doorbell rang at 7:50 pm.  The female deputy responding was very nice and apologized that it took so long.  She took all the information and gave me a case number.  It was a good thing my son had a photo of his bicycle because she admitted she did not know much about bikes.

Like I told my son and the deputy reiterated; you’ll probably never see that bike again.  What a disappointment.

Don’t Get Caught Playing With Matches

Playing With Matches

Playing With Matches

Don’t Get Caught Playing With Matches….What should the punishment be if you were a kid playing with matches?  How about slapping your hand or getting  chewed out or being sent to you room or even being grounded?  Do all these sound about the right punishment?  After all, if you were a kid playing with matches there could be some serious property damage or personal injuries.  What should the punishment be from your parents?

Does burning your hand on the burner of a hot stove seem about right?  Well, that’s what my mother did to me.

It all started back in the early sixties.  I was probably ten years old.  At the time my mother was either bowling or yelling at her kids.  I think she must have been a pretty good bowler.  It seemed like she would always win some sort of trophy.  I guess she was on the league committees and was responsible for the end of year awards banquet.  In our garage were all the leftover napkins, little bowling pins labeled with the team names, party favors and of course one more thing?  My eyes were glued on the boxes and boxes of matches.  What a sight!  What can I do with matches?

Once I got my hands on the matches, my friends and I thought it would be cool to strike them and just “flick” them away.  Another cool thing was to light the whole book of matches.  Nothing harmful, just innocent fun or so I thought.

But, how did she find out.  There were boxes and boxes of them.  She wouldn’t miss one book.  Not two or even a few.  I guess I wasn’t too bright because taking a few books of matches later turned those books into empty boxes.  Oh well, I guess the jig was up.  I knew I’d get caught sooner or later.  What could happen to me?

My mother usually didn’t handle the discipline.  She let my father handle things.  She was just a yeller.  My father was portrayed as the bad guy.  He had to do her dirty work.

So I came home one afternoon from playing with my friends.  Everything was good.  No problems, but the house was quiet.  My mother was standing in the kitchen.  She looked at me and told me to come here.  She asked me if I was playing with matches.  Of course I said no.  She told me to show her my hand.  She grabbed it and turned on the burner to the stove.  I was yelling and yelling.  She wouldn’t do it, would she?  I was wrong.  She put my hand on the hot burner.  It seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a couple seconds.

When she was finished she let go.  I was crying so hard.  I took off and went down to the basement.  I didn’t go near her for the rest of the day.  Oh no, I forgot one more thing.  What about my father.  He finally came home from work.  What else was going to happen to me?  He never said a word.


Cigarette Smoking, A Lesson Learned Early

Cigarette Smoking, A Lesson Learned Early………When I was around ten or eleven years old, my friends, little brother and I thought it would be cool to smoke.  If you remember smoking was the norm back then.  How many people remember seeing cartons of cigarettes with a bow on them, as a Christmas present under your tree!  Anyway, we used to go down to the neighborhood school and hang out.  The school was a cool place to sit and talk.  It had woods, a stream and of course a big rock, large enough for all to sit on.

Although we never bought cigarettes, we would look on the ground to find the leftover butts to smoke.  It was a much safer time growing up in the early to mid-sixties.  I never inhaled, but just puffed on them.  I couldn’t tell the difference on who was an inhaler and who was just a puffer.

So one day we were at the dinner table enjoying our dinner.  At the time there were five kids in my family.  The sixth came many years later.  In the dining room my Mother, Father and older sister had their dinner and in the little kitchen was my two little brothers and a sister in a high chair and me.

After dinner was over, my Father called my brother and me in the dining room.  I could tell by the tone in his voice something was wrong.  He asked us if we were smoking.  Of course we denied it.  But, I believe my Mother had tipped him off.  He took out two cigarettes and gave one each to my brother and me.  He told us to start smoking.  I would puff on it and couldn’t tell what my brother was doing.  He told us to start inhaling.  I was crying and I guess my brother was faking it.  He made us inhale the entire cigarette.  My head was spinning.  That was the first time I must have been tripping.  I was nauseous and couldn’t take it anymore.

When we finished our cigarette, as luck would have it, that night, there was a rare dessert, ice cream.  I was in no mood for ice cream and went down to our basement praying the dizziness would stop.

My brother never made it to the basement and enjoyed his dessert.  I guess he was the inhaler all along and continued to smoke during life.  That cigarette episode taught me a great lesson and I have never had the urge to smoke again.  By today’s standards I guess that punishment seemed harsh, but it worked… for me anyway.

Cigarette Smoking, A lesson learned early

Cigarette Smoking

Elmer Fudd

Bring Back That Real Hunter….Mr. Elmer J. Fudd

Bring Back That Real Hunter….Mr. Elmer J. Fudd……..I have been to Vermont quite a few times and over the years have met a lot of different types of people.  The one thing that fascinates me is there are so many Vermonters who are hunters or so they say.   

I have no problem with people going out and hunting for their food.  In fact, the one thing everyone’s told me is when they do shoot their deer; they don’t let anything go to waste.  To me, it’s just a matter of how they achieve their goal. 

Mr. Elmer J. Fudd

I remember watching Elmer Fudd on TV while he was hunting his favorite meat, Bugs Bunny.  He would walk through the woods with his gun loaded, tracking Bugs’ steps and telling the audience “Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”.  Hunting is also very dangerous and the animals have good instincts.  Elmer would find where Bug’s rabbit hole was and stick his gun in it.  Bugs knew exactly what was going on.  When the gun was in the rabbit hole, Bugs would tie a knot in it and look out Elmer!    Now I know Elmer knows what he’s talking about because when I was younger, I used to talk to hunters and they would explain how they got their 8 point deer.  They would make that long cold journey through the woods while being very very quiet, find deer tracks, spot their target and hopefully get to take aim and fire.  It was a real skill. 

That’s not what the Vermont hunters tell me how they hunt deer today.  In preparation for hunting season, some would tell me they would grow special plants or throw out their formula of grain in their backyards to lure the deer close to their house.  Others would spend months with cameras equipped with night vision to see the patterns that the deer take.  They would get up early in the morning, I’m talking pre-dawn and sit in their blinds (some sort of camouflage covering) waiting and waiting and watching and watching.  Not moving for hours just to see if a deer passes.  All this just to get that one shot on opening day of hunting season.  Why don’t you just open the doors to your homes and invite the deer to Sunday dinner.  Get to know them.  Find out where they’ll be for hunting season.  That’s real hunting? 

Come on hunters.  Is this really hunting?  Do we need to bring back Elmer Fudd, the real hunter to show you how it’s done?

The First Snowboarding Lesson

The First Snowboarding Lesson……We wanted to make sure our two kids who were raised in Florida, enjoyed the winter weather my wife and I enjoyed growing up.  They were five and seven years old so we made our first trip to Stowe Vermont.  They were going to take their first snowboarding lesson.

The  mountain was mostly brown but there was enough snow on the bunny slopes.  We had them fitted with their boots, boards and helmets.  We signed them up for private lessons.  We were told to be at the tent at 1:30.  We’re normally early for most things.  We didn’t want to be late.  We waited and waited.  Nobody showed up.  Finally it was starting to snow.   What a beautiful site, but still nobody showed up.  The kids were getting restless and so were we.  We went to the office and they apologized but said it was snowing too hard.  It was now a blizzard.

We were leaving the next day and we weren’t going to disappoint the kids.  We finally convinced the instructors to give them the lessons.  They had a great time for the two hour lesson whether we could see them through the blizzard or not.  They had a great time!

We made the trip every year since.  They have become pretty good boarders and it’s fun to finally go down the mountain with my kids.