My Son’s Stolen Bicycle

ThiefMy Son’s Stolen Bicycle.  About 4:50 pm my son came in the house from riding his bicycle.  He parked his bike on our front porch.  Now we live in a nice neighborhood with very little trouble.  At 4:55 he went back outside and noticed his bike was missing. 

It was drizzling out and we notice wet footprints on the walk near his bike.  I checked his shoes and they did not match.  I quickly got my car keys hoping to find the one who stole his bike.  No such luck.

I told my son even if we called the sheriff’s they’re probably not going to do anything anyway.  When we returned I called the Broward Sheriff Office non-emergency line.   After pressing all the numbers to which department we wanted and about 20 rings, they finally answered.  They asked if this was an emergency.  I answered no.  About ten minutes later, they finally answered.

I explained what happened and to send a deputy over.  They asked my name and address.  I had to repeat the address numerous times only for him to say he couldn’t find that address.  I repeated it again and he finally found it.  He’ll put in in dispatch and have a deputy come by.

Finally, the doorbell rang at 7:50 pm.  The female deputy responding was very nice and apologized that it took so long.  She took all the information and gave me a case number.  It was a good thing my son had a photo of his bicycle because she admitted she did not know much about bikes.

Like I told my son and the deputy reiterated; you’ll probably never see that bike again.  What a disappointment.

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