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The First Snowboarding Lesson

The First Snowboarding Lesson……We wanted to make sure our two kids who were raised in Florida, enjoyed the winter weather my wife and I enjoyed growing up.  They were five and seven years old so we made our first trip to Stowe Vermont.  They were going to take their first snowboarding lesson.

The  mountain was mostly brown but there was enough snow on the bunny slopes.  We had them fitted with their boots, boards and helmets.  We signed them up for private lessons.  We were told to be at the tent at 1:30.  We’re normally early for most things.  We didn’t want to be late.  We waited and waited.  Nobody showed up.  Finally it was starting to snow.   What a beautiful site, but still nobody showed up.  The kids were getting restless and so were we.  We went to the office and they apologized but said it was snowing too hard.  It was now a blizzard.

We were leaving the next day and we weren’t going to disappoint the kids.  We finally convinced the instructors to give them the lessons.  They had a great time for the two hour lesson whether we could see them through the blizzard or not.  They had a great time!

We made the trip every year since.  They have become pretty good boarders and it’s fun to finally go down the mountain with my kids.