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Guess Who Made The Varsity Team?

imagesCAKPZTU6It was announced today at the booster club pasta dinner that my daughter made the Deerfield Beach Girls Varsity Fast Pitch Softball Team as a freshman.  Although she will also play on the JV team, she will suit up with the varsity.  She will be pitching for the JV and gain valuable experience watching the varsity, but she has to be ready in case they need her.  She also plays the outfield and second base.

The Boy Scouts Made In China?

Made in China

The Boy Scouts Made in China

The Boy Scouts Made In China? ….So, my son has been in the Boy Scouts for a couple years. That’s right, the Boy Scouts of America. My son enjoys being in the Scouts. It gets him out of the house, he enjoys the camping, hiking and the events that the Scouts do. It also gets him involved in the community. All in all the Scouts have been good for him.

Last week, my wife was sewing on a patch that he has earned from a recent hike. She came to me and told me to look at the patch. Where was the patch made? Made in China!

Now, you would think that the Boy Scouts of America would be an “All-American” program promoting American values, American traditions and most importantly, “Buy American”.

So, for all that the Boy Scouts of America promote, and all the good that they do, why would they need to purchase their patches from China? Isn’t there any company in America willing to make the patches for the Boy Scouts of America?  Are The Boy Scouts Made In China?



My Daughter Made The Team

imagesCAKPZTU6Today, my daughter Amy made the Deerfield Beach High School girls fast pitch softball team as a freshman.  I’m so proud of her.  She just started playing softball for the first time this year.  Although she will start on the JV team, I saw the competition and I think she’ll get picked up for Varsity when they expand their roster mid-season.